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We are so excited that you are interested in helping pack weekend food bags with 3E Snacks. Each week we pack over 700 bags of food to deliver to local elementary schools in Washington County so that children in need of food on the weekends will have meals to eat when they do not have assistance from school breakfast and lunch programs.

Below you can request to schedule a day for you or your group to assist with packing bags for delivery to these children. If you  would like to help deliver bags to the respective schools please contact us to coordinate.

Thursday – Typically the day of the week when bags are packed. This can be modified to work with your schedule.

Friday – Bags are delivered to local elementary schools on Friday mornings. This may be changed by us on a week to week basis if there is a need to deliver on a different day because of school breaks.

Please select the date that you would like to volunteer to help pack bags (Any Weekday) and fill out the form. Once your reservation has been approved you will be contacted for more information.

*We currently accept reservations up to one year in advance.

NOTE: Bag packing is a very popular activity among volunteers. A date that is blocked out in red on the calendar indicates that it is unavailable because another group is schedule to pack bags during that week. Please contact us if you have a special request for a date that is blocked out red as unavailable.


Do you have a running group, church group, dinner group that would like to schedule time together?

Families & Friends

We love to see families and friends serving together

Service Projects

Does your child have a service project idea? We’d love to help out.

Let’s build something together.

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